Wednesday Can-Am Late Models: Baumann Dominates at Bristol, Narrows Championshipto 4 Points Heading to Finale!

Well unfortunately despite all our efforts we still only managed 9 cars for the big race at Bristol. But there was some good racing to be had regardless.

Qualifying was extremely close, but it would be EVOL’S Brandon Smith putting his Toyota on point, his second of the season, with teammate Rich Coffey alongside. Coffey would snooker Smith on the start to take a commanding lead, leaving him to deal with John Culbert, Jr. and Tom Lory just behind.

The performance of the night would be by Sherman Baumann however. Desperate to claw every point he can away from Coffey in the fight for the title, he would clearly have a setup figured out for the long haul. And he would get that, as the race went green the entire distance, and the Toyota would storm from fifth, dispatching Culbert and Smith in one swoop when Smith slid wide out of Turn 4, to sit second by halfway. And with Coffey, like everyone else, suffering from surprisingly worn tires, Baumann would slip by for the lead with ten to go and take the win in a dominant fashion. Brandon Smith would have a fine finish holding of Culbert for the final podium spot.

Race 2 would feature a top 5 inversion, putting Tom Lory on pole alongside Culbert. He would survive an opening-lap side-by-side challenge from the Canadian to keep the lead, and withstand several laps of pressure from him as well. Unfortunately, after the first caution flew, Lory would botch the restart, causing a massive stackup behind him, Coffey ramming Culbert, in turn ramming Lory, who would be sent into the wall. In the ensuing confusion it would be Coffey ending up with the lead, followed by Jonathan Hill and Brandon Smith.

This race proved much more rough than the first one, as a couple more cautions would fly, and once again it would be Baumann taking advantage of contact ahead of him, this time Hill and Smith getting into it through Turn 1 and 2, to slip by everyone in one fell swoop to take over second. He would again hunt down Coffey, and with about 10 laps to go would give the classic Bristol bump-n-run to Coffey to once again take the win, sweeping the weekend and doing what he needs to do to snatch the Championship! Brandon Smith would again hold off a hard-charging Culbert for his best performance of the season, two podiums in a row. Culbert and Lory would round out the top 5.

Pole Position (1pt): Brandon Smith (00:16.026)
Race 1 Fast Lap (1pt): John Culbert, Jr. (00:16.032)
Race 2 Fast Lap (1pt): Tom Lory (00:16.060)

Race 1 Results

1. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
2. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
3. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
4. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
5. #26 Tom Lory (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
6. #08 Kit Tarboton (Atlanta Thrifty Nickel) Image
7. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image
8. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image (DNF – Engine)

Race 2 Results

1. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
2. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
3. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
4. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
5. #26 Tom Lory (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
6. #40 Jonathan Hill (Chevrolet) Image
9. #08 Kit Tarboton (Atlanta Thrifty Nickel) Image
8. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image
9. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image (DNF)

Provisionals (20 pts)

#40 Jonathan Hill (Chevrolet) Image (DNS Race 1)
#67 Glenn Corliss (Gosling’s Black Seal) Image (DNS)

Can-Am Late Model Championship Standings as of Round 12

1. Rich Coffey Image 2548pts
2. Sherman Baumann Image 2544pts
3. Cameron Wagner Image 2351pts
4. John Culbert, Jr. Image 2199pts
5. Brandon Smith Image 2090pts
6. Dave Carlton Image 1743pts
7. Glenn Corliss Image 1411pts
8. Tom Lory Image 1328pts
9. Jonathan Hill Image 1301pts
10. Brian Potvin Image 538pts
11. Mike Campbell Image 495pts
12. Kit Tarboton Image 451pts
13. Robb McDonough Image 430pts
14. Rudy Kuhl Image 247pts
15. Cale Marklein Image 222pts
16. Tim Miller Image 192pts
17. Alex Bates Image 124pts
18. Michel Sauve Image 90pts