Wednesday Can-Am Late Models: Coffey Passes Culbert for Win in Race 1 at Thunderhill; Wagner Dominates Race 2

Good night of racing, despite only 8 cars taking to the grid, at the tricky D-Shaped ThunderHill Speedway.

Practice was agonizingly close amongst the top 5, but it would be John Culbert, Jr. putting the HAWK Performance Chevy on pole position. Only .084 would separate the top 3.

Culbert would lead from pole and withstand a fantastic challenge from Rich Coffey hanging on the outside for several laps, before finally jumping ahead exiting Turn 4. Two cautions in quick succession would fly after that however, and after the second start, Culbert would make one minor mistake, sliding a bit wide entering Turn 1, allowing Coffey to inch and finish off the pass at Turn 4. With Culbert now hung out to dry Sherman Baumann would pounce and come up alongside as well.

This would be the best race of the night, the two veteran circle track racers running side-by-side for 8 laps straight, seemingly impossible at such a single-groove track. Culbert would hang tough around the outside, able to pinch the Toyota down just enough through Turn 3 to hurt his momentum exiting Turn 4. He would eventually get a good enough run up off the last turn to secure second spot. This huge battle would hand Coffey an easy win, with Culbert and Baumann rounding out the podium.

Race 2 would have a field inversion with Cameron Wagner starting pole thanks to his DNF. He would quickly check out and dominate, despite overheating his engine in the closing stages of the race, to take his third win of the season.

Behind that was a free-for-all, and Sherman Baumann would eventually come out on top, picking off multiple cars on the restart, and during the long caution-free 35 lapper he would eventually hunt down and pass Glenn Corliss for second. Corliss would hold off both Coffey and Culbert the entire race in a thrilling display to round out the podium in the Gosling’s Toyota. Great racing!

Really hoping turnout improves next round, as we head to our first “big” race at historic Martinsville Speedway! Who will bring home the grandfather clock?

Pole Position (1pt): John Culbert, Jr. (00:14.747)
Race 1 Fast Lap (1pt): Rich Coffey (00:14.573)
Race 2 Fast Lap (1pt): Sherman Baumann (00:14.561)

Race 1 Results

1. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
2. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
3. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
4. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
5. #40 Jonathan Hill Image
6. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image
7. #67 Glenn Corliss (Gosling’s Black Seal) Image
8. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image (DNF)

Race 2 Results

1. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image
2. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
3. #67 Glenn Corliss (Gosling’s Black Seal) Image
4. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
5. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
6. #40 Jonathan Hill Image
7. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
8. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image

Provisionals (20 pts)


Can-Am Late Model Championship Standings as of Round 7

1. Rich Coffey Image 1320pts
2. Sherman Baumann Image 1300pts
3. Cameron Wagner Image 1267pts
4. John Culbert, Jr. Image 1265pts
5. Brandon Smith Image 1065pts
6. Glenn Corliss Image 927pts
7. Dave Carlton Image 888pts
8. Jonathan Hill Image 814pts
9. Tom Lory Image 549pts
10. Robb McDonough Image 430pts
11. Brian Potvin Image 364pts
12. Cale Marklein Image 222pts
13. Tim Miller Image 192pts
14. Rudy Kuhl Image 169pts
15. Mike Campbell Image 130pts
16. Alex Bates Image 124pts