Wednesday Can-Am Late Models: Coffey Sweeps Both Races at Iowa to Take The Championship!

Solid way to finish out the stockcar season, with a decent field of 10 at the season finale in Iowa!

With such a tight points battle, every position would count, and Qualifying put Rich Coffey where he needed to be, in third on the inside of rival Sherman Baumann, while teammate Tom Lory took his first career pole position in the Reed’s Ginger Brew Toyota. Cameron Wagner would line up alongside.

The Championship scenario was pretty simple–whoever finished ahead of the other would win it. With Coffey getting the jump on both Baumann and Wagner, he would take off after his teammate, but unfortunately only a few laps later, Lory would get a poor entry into Turn 1 and Coffey would make the slightest of contact, knocking his teammate up out of the groove and way wide. The entire field would scramble, Wagner into second with Baumann up to third. It was somewhat anti-climatic from here, as Coffey clearly had the superior long-stint setup, gradually pulling away from the field and taking the win. Baumann would get past Wagner around the halfway point, but spend the rest of the race fighting Wagner so hard that he ended up with nothing for the leader. Culbert and Lory would round out the Top 5.

A full field inversion for Race 2 looked like just what the doctor ordered for Baumann, especially since Tom Lory would half-spin trying to avoid wrecking teammate Brandon Smith in Turn 1 on the start, collecting Cameron Wagner and bringing out the caution. Baumann would take advantage, coming from the back of the grid to slip through and find himself in second! After another caution involving Tom Lory and Dave Carlton, and a second restart, it wouldn’t take long for Coffey to follow him, the EVOL driver simply having the setup figured out best in race conditions. He would run door-to-door with his rival for a few laps, then pull past exiting Turn 4 with about 20 to go. He would then haul in leader Glenn Corliss, slipping by with a bold outside pass to take over the lead. Baumann was left to battle hard with Corliss and Culbert for the remainder of the race, his championship hopes disappearing into the distance.

No other caution would occur to even the score, but we would still have a spectacular finish for second place; Cameron Wagner and Culber would trade the fourth position several times, Culbert making the high line work all but once. Coming to the white flag, Corliss and Baumann would be side-by-side through Turn 3 and 4, slowing each other way up and Wagner would pounce, making it 3-wide exiting onto the tri-oval–and it almost worked, but the door bang into Corliss would send him into Baumann, who would end up spinning off into the infield! Wagner would finish up second, while Corliss would hang tough and hold off a hard-charging John Culbert, Jr. for the final podium spot in a wild finish! Baumann would still manage a no-doubt disappointing 5th, barely holding off Brandon Smith.

And that’s it folks! Congrats to Rich Coffey for just plain TAKING the championship, matching Baumann’s weekend sweep from the last round at Bristol–what a great battle for the title.

Pole Position (1pt): Tom Lory (00:23.812)
Race 1 Fast Lap (1pt): Rich Coffey (00:24.046)
Race 2 Fast Lap (1pt): Tom Lory (00:24.018)

Race 1 Results

1. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
2. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
3. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image
4. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
5. #26 Tom Lory (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
6. #67 Glenn Corliss (Gosling’s Black Seal) Image
7. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
8. #08 Kit Tarboton (Atlanta Thrifty Nickel) Image
9. #40 Jonathan Hill (Chevrolet) Image
10. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image

Race 2 Results

1. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
2. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image
3. #67 Glenn Corliss (Gosling’s Black Seal) Image
4. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
5. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
6. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
7. #08 Kit Tarboton (Atlanta Thrifty Nickel) Image
8. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image
9. #26 Tom Lory (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image (DNF)

Provisionals (20 pts)

#40 Jonathan Hill (Chevrolet) Image (DNS Race 2)

Can-Am Late Model Championship Final Standings

1. Rich Coffey Image 2849pts
2. Sherman Baumann Image 2793pts
3. Cameron Wagner Image 2618pts
4. John Culbert, Jr. Image 2439pts
5. Brandon Smith Image 2288pts
6. Dave Carlton Image 1911pts
7. Glenn Corliss Image 1642pts
8. Tom Lory Image 1525pts
9. Jonathan Hill Image 1405pts
10. Kit Tarboton Image 637pts
11. Brian Potvin Image 538pts
12. Mike Campbell Image 495pts
13. Robb McDonough Image 430pts
14. Rudy Kuhl Image 247pts
15. Cale Marklein Image 222pts
16. Tim Miller Image 192pts
17. Alex Bates Image 124pts
18. Michel Sauve Image 90pts