Wednesday Can-Am Late Models: Culbert wins Race of the Year candidate against Baumann at Madison; Coffey Picks up Race 2 Win

Decent turnout of 10 cars for our final stockcar event of 2013, at Madison!

Practice had several cars within a tenth or so of each other, but it would be John Culbert, Jr. landing his third pole of the season, an unbelievable 0.001 seconds ahead of Cameron Wagner!

Despite its high banks, Madison proved a difficult track to pass on, with the lower groove right down on the curb proving significantly quicker. Culbert would hold the top spot for the majority of the race, with Sherman Baumann giving chase after muscling Wagner out of the way on the initial start. Culbert would weather a couple of restarts to keep the lead in the NAPA Chevy, but on the very last restart, he would spin the tires up off Turn 4, and with a minor tap Baumann would pounce, slipping by the hardway around the outside at Turn 1. Suddenly the race was on with only about 10 laps to go. The two would go side-by-side on several occasions, Culbert able to get a nose in at Turn 1 thanks to the points leader’s late entry, but couldn’t pull it off. The two would bang doors and fenders on a few occasions, and Culbert would survive a late scare with 4 laps to go as Cameron Wagner bumped into him entering Turn 3. Culbert would catch the slide and lose little time to Baumann.

On the final lap, finishing off what is probably Race of the Year for 2013, Culbert would make one last-ditch dive right down on the curb at Turn 3, banging doors with Baumann’s Toyota, muscling him up just a little bit and drawing even to the line; Culbert would take the win, by only .055 seconds at the line–what a race! Wagner’s bump into Culbert would force him high, and allow a recovering Rich Coffey to slip up the inside and get by for the final podium spot. Mike Campbell would round out the top 5, a solid finish after qualifying toward the back.

Race 2 would feature a full field inversion, which would prove a serious challenge thanks to the tight nature of the bullring. Dave Carlton would be pushed wide early on the start and fall back, but Jonathan Hill would command the lead for the first few laps. Rich Coffey and Sherman Baumann would benefit from a bit of a pileup at the back of the field to slip up into the top 5, and Coffey would take the lead a few laps later. Unfortunately, Hill’s solid run would come to an end getting loose through Turn 3, and getting spun by Baumann as a result.

With the dust settled, the order was essentially opposite of Race 1 at the front, Coffey holding off Wagner to take the win, only a tenth of a second or so ahead at the line. Baumann would this time hold off a late charge from Culbert to hang onto 3rd, with Team EVOL’s Tom Lory rounding out the top 5.

And that’s it for Can-Am in 2013! We’re off now for the holidays, and will return to action on January 15th. From there we will alternate Wednesdays to allow ESR members to participate in the GBR V8 Supercar series.

Pole Position (1pt): John Culbert, Jr. (00:17.585)
Race 1 Fast Lap (1pt): John Culbert, Jr., Sherman Baumann (00:17.476)
Race 2 Fast Lap (1pt): John Culbert (00:17.469)

Race 1 Results

1. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
2. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
3. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
4. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image
5. #09 Mike Campbell (DMR) Image
6. #26 Tom Lory (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
7. #67 Glenn Corliss (Gosling’s Black Seal) Image
8. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
9. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image
10. #40 Jonathan Hill (Chevrolet) Image (DNF)

Race 2 Results

1. #30 Rich Coffey (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
2. #39 Cameron Wagner (Fibbar Magee) Image
3. #36 Sherman Baumann ( Image
4. #66 John Culbert, Jr. (NAPA Auto Parts) Image
5. #26 Tom Lory (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image
6. #09 Mike Campbell (DMR) Image
7. #48 Dave Carlton (Skyy Vodka) Image
8. #67 Glenn Corliss (Gosling’s Black Seal) Image
9. #900 Brandon Smith (Reed’s Ginger Brew) Image (DNF – Engine)
10. #40 Jonathan Hill (Chevrolet) Image (DNF)

Provisionals (20 pts)


Can-Am Late Model Championship Standings as of Round 9

1. Sherman Baumann Image 1706pts
2. Rich Coffey Image 1701pts
3. Cameron Wagner Image 1675pts
4. John Culbert, Jr. Image 1650pts
5. Brandon Smith Image 1360pts
6. Dave Carlton Image 1152pts
7. Glenn Corliss Image 1133pts
8. Jonathan Hill Image 1099pts
9. Tom Lory Image 858pts
10. Robb McDonough Image 430pts
11. Mike Campbell Image 415pts
12. Brian Potvin Image 364pts
13. Rudy Kuhl Image 247pts
14. Cale Marklein Image 222pts
15. Tim Miller Image 192pts
16. Alex Bates Image 124pts
17. Michel Sauve Image 90pts